CNY series: On the fourth day of New Year…king of citrus

On the fourth day of New Year my mama said to me
4. portions of pomelo

This important fruit was ever only seen once a year in my home, during Chinese New Year. It seems like its sole existence is for just fifteen days in a year. One attribute about this fruit justify its inclusion into the must-have list for Chinese New Year food — its size. The old adage that size does matter is true in this case. It can grow to the size of a watermelon.

Every Chinese New Year, it would be placed in a prominent position because of its size, on the coffee table along with the other titbits. Sitting quite stately on its own plate, it would remain there until it was soft enough to be eaten, usually towards the end of CNY or after as the fruit can keep for quite long, after which its hugely thick skin would be peeled, revealing the flesh on the inside. The sacs within the fruit would then be shared and eaten as is. Eating this was like eating a huge grapefruit, minus the sour and bitter bite that is often associated with grapefruit. Pomelos tend to be sweet and are actually quite nice to eat and one does not have to worry too much about calories as the bits that are eaten are quite light.

The pomelo(father of the grapefruit) grows very well in Ipoh, Malaysia.


Pomelo flesh or pulp can be used in desserts. It is usually clear and there is a slight crunch to them.


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