Good sushi

Time flies indeed. I came back here again with my Japanese friend. After greeting the sushi chef, I asked him how long the restaurant has been opened for. He said about three months. I was surprised. It had felt much longer than that.

The last time I came here, it was in the first week of their opening. At that time, the plates that they had on the conveyor belt were not covered with plastic covers yet, like in Japan. But now, for hygiene reasons and to meet Singapore health’s laws, they all were.

This place is like a sushi restaurant in Japan, where people sit around a conveyor belt and at the same time, they can also order over the counter, directly from the chef. Some of their fish are rather unique and not commonly found in other Japanese restaurants. The mall that the restaurant is in, caters to a large segment of the Japanese community as well.

Coming here reminds me of being in Japan. The prices are reasonable, as are the servings of sushi. The staff here is very attentive to customers and on both visits, they have been very polite.

We took our seats at the counter bar. Many Japanese eat here, which is always a good sign of the quality of food served here. We ordered minced tuna, tako (octopus) raw prawns, katsuo tataki (brand seared bonito), kohada (vinegared gizzard shad), aburi salmon (seared salmon served with grated radish), seafood salad and leatherjacket sushi. The leatherjacket sushi was recommended by the chef and was not on the menu. It was served with its own liver and is best eaten on its own, without dipping into the soy sauce. The food here were fresh and good.


Ryoshi Sushi Ikeikemaru, 177 River Valley Road, Basement 1 Liang Court. Tel: 63371022.

Minced tuna

Tako (octopus)

Sweet shrimps

Seared bonito

Kohada (vinegared gizzard shad)

Salmon aburi (seared salmon) with grated radish

Kaisen (seafood) salad

Leatherjacket sushi, served with its own liver. This dish is best eaten without any soy sauce. It was the chef’s personal recommendation. YUM!


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