Good chicken

My friends and I chanced upon this French restaurant while looking for something to eat. I do not normally have French food. In fact, I do not even remember the last time I ate French food apart from French pastries in different bakeries. Firstly, French food tends to be more expensive and secondly, I’ve not really learnt to appreciate it since I rarely eat it. But since I started this blog, I decided to venture out a little and try food that I normally do not try.

There was a short queue in front of this restaurant and the person in front of me was a Frenchman. Hmm… if the French come here, this place must be pretty good. After all, if a restaurant is not even patronized by its own people, what does that tell us about the restaurant, assuming it’s opened by the French? Well, it’s not opened by the French nor is the chef French, but he has trained in France. This restaurant is under the same group as Thai Express. It is as French as Thai Express is Thai.

I ordered one of their signature dishes (half chicken in cranberry and double mustard sauce) and it was good. The chicken was not overly large. It seemed to have been carefully selected so that the meat was not tough at all. The sauce was rich and the cranberry sauce was quite well-balanced with the double mustard against the grilled chicken. The meat was tender and succulent as well. The meal was hearty — a bit too much for me but certainly not too much if one is hungry. And if one is very hungry, one could order a whole chicken!

The other chicken dish had sauce that was more like a clear (Chinese or Asian) soup base which I actually preferred as it was not as rich. The portion of chicken, even though a half chicken, was smaller.

Another friend ordered an oxtail and panna cotta. We actually had a good chuckle when the panna cotta came as it tasted like beancurd longan at western dessert prices! Beancurd longan is of course, a lot cheaper. Tastewise, we could not quite work out which part was Italian and which part was just local beancurd with longan. The jar made the whole thing look a little interesting though. If we come back here again, we’d probably try another dessert.

Oh yes, I actually asked them if they served coffee and if their coffee was good. The guy who was taking our orders while we were still queuing answered a confident, ‘Yes’. And he was right. The coffee passed the test.

This place serves good chicken and we’ll probably come back here for good grilled poulet. One of the aims of Poulet is to serve affordable classical French food to the masses and they may well have succeeded. My gut feel (literally) though is that this is still a local version of French food and may not be as authentic as how the French would like to have their food.

Poulet, Great World City, Level 2 #02-K2/K3. Tel: +65 6733 495.

Their coffee was good.

Half chicken in clear soup stock base. I preferred the sauce here as it was not as rich as the other chicken dish.

Oxtail de Bourguignon. This was a traditional oxtail dish. The meat was very tasty as it had been stewed for a while. I would have preferred meat that is not as overly cooked but that is not what this dish is about.

Poulet de Cranberry — Half chicken in cranberry and double mustard sauce. One of their signature dishes. This was really delicious and the chicken was very nicely done. The sauce was nice too but just a little too rich for me.

Panna cotta with longan which could easily have been mistaken for soyabean curd with longan. We googled a panna cotta recipe after tasting this to see how different it should be from what we were eating. Honestly, we just couldn’t tell the difference between this and a local dessert at all.




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