Simply pizza

This is a rather unlikely location for western food but business has been steady since it first opened. It is a small simple cafe with pictures of London on the walls and a flag of the UK.

I like the pizzas here and the Twinnings tea drinks. The coffee was horrible and I almost wanted to tell them that it was not at all difficult to serve good coffee. But I decided not to. I did not drink the instant coffee that was ordered, asking for them to change it to tea instead.

This place is a nice little joint for a quiet dinner. There is also a limited selection of beers. Certainly worth coming back to, especially because it is affordable and there are not that many western food places located here.

Streets of London, Blk 161 Bukit Merah Central #01-3725, Singapore, Singapore. Tel: 6377 0850.

Tomato based pasta

Thin crust pizza. I was able to change some of the ingredients to something I preferred. This had mushroom and pineapple in it.


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