Three dessert drinks

One would not normally drink dessert but today, that was exactly what happened. Fancy a saltish light cheesecake blended, sesame seed drink? How about a cold soya bean drink with red beans? Or an iced chocolate for the not-so-adventurous.

The thick lightly blended cheesecake goma (sesame seeed) drink was an adventure as I am used to having sesame seeds in paste form as dessert or cheesecake on its own. But to have both in a drink was a new experience. Why not? A saltish iced thick shake-like drink is not everyone’s glass of shake and it was different but still, nice.

The soya bean with red beans was rather pleasant, as sweet drinks usually are. The red beans have been sweetened but the drink was not overly sweet.

This cafe has been able to come up with a nice selection of drinks that are rather appealing. Their range of coffee, tea and alternative drinks is quite wide.

The Connoisseur Concerto, Terminal 3, 65 Airport Boulevard, #01-22, Changi Airport.

Iced chocolate

Kuro Goma Cheese Swirl. Tasted a little salty because of the blend. A different taste.

Azuki Freeze — made of soya bean and Azuki red beans


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