Tasty soft food!

We came here tonight to get some soft food as a friend had just had her wisdom tooth extracted and could not chew that well. Hence, we did not do our usual order of samsui chicken, which is what this restaurant is famous for. We ordered a double boiled American ginseng and fish soup, homemade tofu with sauce and Penang fried mee suah. The surprise was that all three dishes tasted really good! The tofu was one of the recommendations. It was slightly crispy on the outside as it had been deep-fried but really soft on the inside, which was the bit that my (toothless) friend ate. The fried mee suah (fine wheat flour noodles which cooks very quickly and is softer than the other thicker noodles) had a lot in it — egg, bean sprouts, chicken and mushroom. I suspect the Penang part of it is in the black (slightly sweet) sauce that they used, fried sufficiently in a wok. It was large enough for two people to enjoy. The ginseng soup was a single serving and that too was boiled sufficiently such that all the flavours from the ingredients had gone into the soup, which is the whole point of double boil. It was a happy belly night.

Soup Restaurant, Hougang Mall, 90 Hougang Ave 10, #02-21 Hougang Mall. Tel: 63866188.

The homemade tofu which was loaded with shallots and small dried shrimps. This was really nice – crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

Double boiled American ginseng and fish soup. Good as well.

Penang fried mee suah. This was soft as mee suah (fine wheat flour noodles) is usually softer than normal noodles, hearty and had a lot of ingredients in it.


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