Dr what?

Usually when a cafe prides itself in offering 100% Arabica beans in its coffee, I would perk up and listen. This place was claiming to be the ‘ultimate place experience’ where coffee was concerned. The logo was even green and white (no prizes for guessing which other chain has these two colours in their logo) plus a bit of gold.

In Plaza Singapura, it is located next to a popular neighbour with its perpetually long queue while this place has no queue, which was why we came here. We wanted a place to chill and we did not want to wait for it.

I ordered an Americano with cold milk on the side. I was impressed with the amount of coffee at first, until I held the mug. It was acrylic. Yes, you read right — acrylic! I can accept coffee in a paper cup or a ceramic mug but an acrylic cup was unheard of. I don’t have any problems with acrylic cups. I use them at home. But for a cafe in this location, it looks cheap, compromised. Even lesser known cafes and kopi tiams in housing estates serve their coffees in either glasses or ceramic mugs, NOT acrylic. Then I tasted the coffee — there was nothing outstanding about it except for the price which was really affordable for coffee in this location.

I had a look at the cakes but decided not to order any as the colours looked artificial. This cafe was just trying too hard.

The youngsters who came here, posed, took their pics and uploaded them to their FB pages were obviously glad that they found a place to chill. It is the kind of place that would be welcomed relief to those who cannot or do not want to queue for better food and drinks elsewhere.

Dr Cafe Coffee, 68 Orchard Road, Plaza Singapura, Singapore 238839. It is located on the third floor.



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