Battle of the fishes

We decided to come here for seafood. This is a Malaysian franchise chain of restaurants that is modelled after the Manhattan Fish Market for its fresh produce in days of old in the USA. Why a local chain (I consider Malaysian chains local as well) would model the freshness of its seafood after an American fish market that doesn’t seem to be in existence today beats me, but this chain of restaurants is priding itself on serving the best seafood in town — western type seafood, that is. The prices are affordable as a lighter portion of some food can be had for about $10. This place actually closely resembles another seafood restaurant which I have eaten at before but have not reviewed in a blog post yet. The food here was a lot better when it first opened. The food quality seemed to have dropped, probably because it got busy and food quality standards are not easy to maintain when one becomes popular and busy. To its credit, it has however revamped its menu and its marketing message seems to be more consistent and focused now, thus keeping itself in contention to be the best (western) seafood restaurant in town, if one can actually even be the best. Perhaps the pie is large enough for several restaurants such as these.

We ordered fried country mushrooms, grilled salmon fish and crispy whole barramundi. The mushrooms were fine and devoured in under a minute. We must have been hungry. The salmon was a little dry while the barramundi will speak for itself below.

Manhattan Fish Market, Junction 8, 9 Bishan Place, Junction 8 Shopping Centre, #01-22/30, Singapore 579837. Tel: +65 6352 4034

Grilled Salmon which was a little dry.

Fried Whole Barramundi with herb garlic sauce. Having just returned from Australia, I decided to try this fish which I tend to associate with Down Under. The fish was fine but the sauce was a little overpowering. I like garlic and I like butter and I like herbs. But the combination here was a little strange and lacking in enough authentic ingredients. The rice and vegetables were fine but the sauce kind of ruined the dish. If the sauce had had more authentic and natural ingredients in it, it would have been perfect.


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