Thosai, anyone?

I had wanted to try this place for a long time but the queue was always long. Today, I happened to be there before dinner time. Like in most food places, queues are an indication of whether the food is good. It is no different here. But if one does not want to queue, there is a plethora of other foods that one can try in this mall. I am quite amazed at how many different restaurants have set up shop in this mall.

I decided to order a Masala Thosai or South Indian pancake, made of rice flour and dhal batter. It had fillings on the inside. The portion was large and very filling, perhaps a little too filling as it was mainly carbohydrate-laden. There are a lot of good eating places for Indian food in Singapore and one is definitely spoilt for choice. This place is but one of the options available.

This outlet has now appeared in several malls, showing a trend whereby ordinary Indian food can be had in air-conditioned comfort. Some of the other offers on the menu are more popular and perhaps more value for money than what I ordered.

Prata Wala, Nex@Serangoon Central, #02-K5/K6, Singapore. Tel: (65) 6634 2910.

Masala Thosai. A very hearty portion indeed. The fork and spoon are an indication of the size of the serving.

It is served with coconut, chutney and lentil curry.

A friend ordered roti prata and curry

The thosai or pancake is filled with potato, corn and a bit of curry leaves. Thosais can be filled with anything, really, depending on the person making it. Potatoes are quite commonly used.

Teh tarik that looked good but did not taste good. Unfortunately, I could taste the condensed milk more than the tea in this drink. When eating roti prata or other Indian food, the tea is very important. It is as important as the food and has to be as good, if not better.


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