New Year’s Eve rendezvous

This was on New Year’s eve. The cafe still had decor from Christmas. It was raining cats and dogs that day and this was an open air cafe. It was nice listening to the rain but not being caught in it. We were fortunate to be able to find parking and a place to eat on New Year’s eve.

I’ve been here before and decided to have something different this time. I tried the Baked Shrimp-crusted Salmon which was a new offering on their menu. The salmon was really good. I like salmon that is a little oily and the part of the salmon which they chose was probably near the belly or the belly itself because it was just nice and not at all dry. The mashed potato was not as good though it was fine when eaten together with the salmon. The vegetables were fresh.

I also tried Skipper’s Delight. In fact, I tried that first. The tomato sauce tasted like it was from the can and the fish was bland. The salmon came much later and it felt like more effort had gone into making the salmon than the Skipper’s Delight. I guess the salmon took longer as it had to be crusted and the crust itself was nice.

We decided to have stollen for dessert. I usually try and have stollen every year for Christmas as it is usually offered at Christmas. It was delicious. The stollen sat on three cut strawberries which I am sure had been dipped in syrup until they were sweet — it is very unusual to have strawberries that are naturally sweet here in Singapore. The combination was nice.

I ordered coffee as usual and all their gourmet coffees had been sold out by then, except for blue mountain. I wasn’t going to pay so much for that blend so I decided to have their regular brew coffee with milk. The coffee was okay.

The Coffee Club, 323 Orchard Road, Singapore. Tel: 67362081.

Strawberry mango soda which turned out to be a nice recommendation by the waiter.

Skipper’s Delight, which was a little lacking in taste.

Baked Shrimp-crusted Salmon which was surprisingly good. I wasn’t sure what to expect so this was a pleasant surprise.

Stollen platter which was also good.

Close up of the salmon which was nice and moist, not dry which salmon can be, depending on which part of the fish is served.

Stollen on cut strawberries.

Open air restaurant. The rain was hitting the roof hard and flowing off into a wall that also doubled up as a fountain at the back of the restaurant.

The wall which acts as a fountain as well when the water flows down off the roof.


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