Down Under: The mousse made me do it

I do not normally review plane food but the mousse changed all that. It was simply yummy and I decided I would review it after all. And, no, I’m not being paid for this review either.

Flying back via Qantas, I ordered the chicken rice meal. I was glad I did cos the lamb pasta did not look appetising. A whiff of freshly brewed Dilmah tea as it was served to other passengers caught my attention. The coffee was Grinders Coffee. I liked the coffee on my trip over to Australia but unfortunately on the trip back, what I was served was close to the bottom of the pot and hence there were extra bits in the coffee which I did not like.

Qantas also served ice-cream after the meal and the brand of ice-cream they served was pretty good as well.

With this, I end my series on food in Australia. Thank you for following me there and back.

The mousse made me do it. After having this for dessert, I decided to review the food on this flight. There is a lot of calories in the mousse so go easy on the dessert if you are watching your diet. It was yummy, nevertheless.

A copy of their menu

Weis’ Mango Ice-cream



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