Down Under: Hey Jude

The name of this shop reminded me of the song, ‘Hey Jude’. The next line says, “Don’t let me down”. This was another cafe I went to, also located on a corner, whose food and coffee were good. I had a fruit toast, again, with sour cherry jam, while a friend ordered sweet corn and pumpkin fritters which were really good. They were served with eggs and hollandaise sauce and made for a rather filling meal.

St Jude Cafe, Cnr Thurlow and Bourke Streets, Redfern, NSW 2016. Tel: (02) 9310 3523.

Cafe interior

Sweet corn and pumpkin fritters with egg and hollandaise sauce. The fritters were delicious and hearty as they were well-packed.

Flat white coffee

Fruit toast with sour cherry jam which tasted authentic.

A unique way of serving salt, crushed peppers and brown sugar


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