Down Under: Italiano

Finally, we were not eating Asian food. I love Asian food but when you are in Australia, it is good to try some of the other foods as well. So tonight, it was Italian.

This place has been around for 30 years and certainly the friend who brought me here thought well enough of this place to bring me here. We ordered the seafood marinara with fettucine pasta and Margherita pizza. The portions were so large that we could not finish the food. We had ordered the normal portion of the marinara and a 13″ pizza. On hindsight, we should have ordered an entree portion of the marinara instead.

Some reviewers have raved on about the good, unchanging food while others have been disappointed with the long wait and poor service. Neither was my experience. The food was fine and the service was not too bad. It was not busy when we went and we could chat for hours on end, which was why we were having dinner here. The lemon lime bitter was good but the coffee was not.

Mamma Teresa Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria, 412 Anzac Parade, Kingsford, NSW 2032. Tel: (02) 9663 5031.

Seafood marinara in napolitana sauce with fettucine.

Margherita pizza which I enjoyed.


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