Down Under: Quick ramen

This is a trend that I noticed in Sydney — places that serve quick and reasonably good Japanese food, without charging a lot for them. Up until now, I had only come across the places that served rice. But this place served ramen for less than AUD$5 for a simple bowl of ramen. I was surprised at the price. Located in the busy city area, this place was good for a cheap and quick meal.

The soup that the ramen were made in were known as ‘miso flavoured’ or ‘tonkotsu flavoured’. Basically, it was the miso or tonkotsu soup mixed with hot water and the ramen was then added in, along with the other ingredients. I was not used to ramen being cooked in this manner and doubted it would taste good, hence I did not try the ramen, which I regretted cos then I couldn’t review this eatery properly. I opted for something more authentic but cheap instead.

The rice I ordered was just nice as I wanted something light. A friend ordered iced milk matcha and that was pretty good too.

Tenkomori Ramen House, 501 George St, Sydney, NSW 2000.

Rice with fried pork and kimchi. The rice here is the long grain rice and not the calrose kind. This was pretty good and just nice for something light. AUD$3.50 per bowl.

Shop exterior

Tako balls


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