Down Under: Fond memories

Years ago, when I studied Down Under, I would often go to Donut King for one single donut that was freshly fried and coated with sugar right before my eyes. It would be my fortnightly or monthly treat depending on when I could head out to the shopping mall where the donuts were sold. I would sink my teeth into the crispy outer crust and soft insides, enjoying every bite. That was many years ago. So when a friend posted a picture of her breakfast at Donut King, I decided that I had to make a trip to an outlet on my trip here.

Donut King, Top Ryde City, NSW 2112. Tel: (02) 9808 3089. Donut King outlets are found in the suburbs more than they are in Sydney itself.

Different outlets served different quality of food. While their donuts have been fairly consistent and have not changed much from eons ago, the coffee quality seemed different. The coffee at this outlet was good. I visited a Donut King outlet in Tasmania and the coffee I had there was not as good. Fond memories indeed! Some of my friends cannot understand why I like Donut King donuts so much. It’s just that classic donut that I like and I have not been able to find any donuts here in Singapore that taste like Donut King donuts. Donut King outlets are not found in Singapore.


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