Down Under: The art of pie

This is another pastry place, also located on a street corner and serves good coffee. What can I say? Sydney is full of places like these and many of them, good.

This place is famous for its handmade pies and award-winning coffee. This was the second cafe in two weeks that I had been to which clearly spelt out that they served 100% Arabica beans coffee. The other cafe was in Tasmania.

I was spoilt for choice and so I played ‘tikam’ — randomly pick something in the hope that what I pick is good. The portions were large and I ordered them with ice-cream which turned out to be quite a lot. We were here for dessert so we ordered cakes and not so much, savoury pies. My one regret was that I was quite full from lunch before. If I had saved some stomach for dessert, I probably would have enjoyed the cakes a lot more. Their portions were almost meals in themselves! And with coffee names like ‘eureka’, one could not go wrong with their coffee either.

The Pie Tin, 1a Brown St, Newtown, NSW 2042. Tel: (02) 9519 7880.

Shop exterior. Love their logo.

How to eat their pies. I like the play on words ‘humble pie’.

Lemon brulee with ice-cream

Passionfruit and pineapple cheesecake

Mississipi mud pie


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