Down Under: Fish and Chips in the Gong

If you know anything about Wollongong, you would know that it is also known as the Gong. We were there for a day and what better food to eat than fish and chips.

We ordered four portions to share between five people and we had more than enough. As usual, I had to order my coffee but unfortunately, the coffee here was not that great. I should have ordered a cold drink instead.

To be honest, the fish here was fishy. I am convinced that the best fish is found in Tasmania as after eating there, seafood elsewhere in Australia just does not seem to measure up somehow. But to be fair to those who do not live down, down under, the fish here is comparable to other fish and chips places in NSW itself.

The view, on the other hand, was magnificent, and with views like that, food seems to be an afterthought, especially in summer.

This kiosk is located next to Diggies Cafe which is a more expensive dine-in restaurant.

North Beach Kiosk, 1 Cliff Rd North Wollongong, NSW 2500, Australia. Tel: (02) 4228 0949.





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