Down Under: Nothing extra

We stopped by here for lunch. It was also located near Circular Quay, hence the area was very busy. The menu read like a newspaper. We ordered a ravioli and fish and chips. One could also order a glass of wine to go with the set lunch. For a tourist area, the waitress did not seem to try very hard to please. The place is open 24 hours.

After tasting Tasmanian seafood, which was not fishy at all, I found the fish here fishy. I must say that this was true of battered and fried fish and chips even in other areas in and around New South Wales though. In the end, I concluded that this could not be helped. We had the fish and chips with Ayam chilli sauce on one side and tartare sauce on the other. Firstly, I was surprised they even had chilli sauce. Secondly, the bottle was almost empty when it was given to us. Didn’t anyone notice that it was almost empty? The ravioli was fine. The only item worth it here I think was the glass of wine.

City Extra, Shop E4, East Podium, Circular Quay, NSW 2000. Tel: 02 9241 1422.


Fish and chips. Notice the two different sauces. The fish and chips were crunchy though the fish tasted a little fishy.


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