Down Under: Gelato to ‘die’ for!

Merry Christmas, everybody! I contemplated whether or not I should post something like a Christmas special. In the end, I decided on this since everybody loves ice-cream.

This was a gelato takeaway place. I had just had an extremely full dinner and dessert was the last thing on my mind. While I did not protest when others wanted to have dessert, I was not really keen to try it. The queue was also a deterrent.

However, after being urged to try the gelato, I relented and boy, was I surprised at how good they were! We had bought pandan coconut and passionfruit gelato which was popular even among the Caucasians. In a way, this flavour combination shows just how cosmopolitan Sydney has become. Pandan leaf is usually found in South East Asian cooking. For example in nasi lemak which is rice cooked with coconut milk, pandan leaves are usually added for a nice fragrance. Some desserts that are made using coconut milk, would also have pandan leaves added in for an added touch and flavour. I was surprised that this combination went into gelato in the first place and was combined with passionfruit AND was well received by all who tasted it including folks who may not be as familiar with such tastes. One could indeed taste the authenticity in the ingredients — they used the real stuff! The chefs have definitely succeeded with this flavour. Next time, I’ll try more flavours!

Single or mono portions of gelato are also served, in different flavours, from their shop at 239 Victoria St, Darlinghurst. The servings come in different flavours and colours and are very artistically designed.

Gelato Messina, 389 Crown Street, Surry Hills, NSW 2010

The queue outside the shop

Range of gelato


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