Down Under: Lovely

Like Pancake Parlour, Pancake on the Rocks is a must-visit Aussie restaurant. The restaurants are located at several locations all over Australia and their specialty is, you guessed it, pancakes! However, they do not just serve pancakes. They serve other food like salad, crepes and ribs. This is not a franchise and the quality of their food has been quite consistent across their restaurants.

Both restaurant chains are very similar, right down to the Lovely logo but they are run by different people, depending on the state that you are in. The restaurant is founded by two people who eventually opened two separate pancake restaurant chains though similarly themed.

Tonight’s visit was unfortunately on a Friday evening and near Christmas, hence there were long queues outside the restaurants. It would have been better to visit at a less busy time. Some of the Pancake Parlour restaurants open 24 hours. Pancake on the Rocks do not open 24 hours however.

Pancakes on the Rocks, 227 & 229-230 Harbourside Shopping Centre, Darling Harbour. Tel: 02 9280 3791


Three Iced Coffees and one Baileys Coffee

Chicken and Mushroom savoury crepe

Beef Ribs which were really nice and tender.

Pancakes with bananas and ice-cream

Chocolate pancakes with walnuts


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