Down Under: A Big Deal!

This was a place I really wanted to go to and needed enough right people to go with so we could order and share more food! In the end, I had my group and off we went. Knowing that this place was quite popular with tourists, we settled for a late lunch to avoid the crowd. Never mind that we were tourists ourselves.

The seafood was really affordable and yummilicious! Okay, so I’m using a word that technically does not exist but is often used. We made sure we ordered Australian seafood only as the place also trades seafood from other countries. This place also consists of wholesalers and is the second largest in the world, next to Japan. Do wander around to find your cheapest per kilo prices before you decide on where you are going to eat. Some shops only allow you to eat food that is ordered from their shop and not elsewhere. Others may not mind as long as you order most of the things from their shop. If you are going to have oysters, remember to bring your own tabasco sauce.

Sydney Fish Market, Bank Street Pyrmont, NSW. The place is opened every day from 7am except on Christmas Day.

Sydney Fish Market entrance

Freshly Grilled Salmon for less than AUD$10. Truly hearty meal. You can pick the piece to grill.

Fresh oysters. Bring your own tabasco sauce. We forgot ours.

Freshly cooked prawns.

Australian Salmon and Tuna Sashimi. My only complaint here is that the pieces were not cut as nicely as the Japanese would. Also there were bits of muscle or tendon in the tuna that were hard to chew. To serve sashimi, staff has to be trained to cut the pieces in a certain way and clearly, these staff were not properly trained. But the food was still good.

Seafood wholesalers like this were found all over the market. There was an abundance of seafood!


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