Down Under: Time for a Cuppa!

You couldn’t miss the queue as customers grabbed a coffee on their way to work. Served by a Japanese barista whom I’m told is one of the best in the country, this place also roasts their own coffee. There is a side place for customers to order their coffee, pick it up and go, and a little cafe where one could dine in. I dined in, of course.

The strawberry and yoghurt muffin was good and I had my fruit toast. The service staff were friendly. It was a weekday mid-morning so we could still get seats. The coffee was good and I found out about coffee that is aeropressed, which seemed similar to a French press. This piqued my interest but no, I did not ask for my coffee to be aeropressed. I figured I’d google it a little later to find out more.

Single Origin Raosters, 64 Reservoir St, Surry Hills, NSW 2010. Tel: (02) 9211 0665.

Flat white

Strawberry and yoghurt muffin which was quite popular and several customers tend to pick one up and go

Fruit toast and butter that was served on a wooden block.

The cafe is located on a street corner. This was very common as almost all the small cafes I went to were located on street corners. They roast their own coffee. This place reminds me of the Japanese cafes in Japan, though more laid back. It is a busy place and not one where you would sit and chill for long.

The side area where customers could order, pick up their coffee and go


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