Down Under: Theatrical Teppanyaki

This is a Japanese teppanyaki restaurant where the chefs were very entertaining as well. They had come out with a teppanyaki routine where they would flip their food for their guests to catch. The Australians loved it.

We ordered a set where a variety of food was cooked before us. I decided on a Kobe beef set. The others ordered sets with seafood, chicken and beef. The set came with fried rice and dessert as well and it was very filling.

This was when I learnt about grades and marbling in beef. I thought my set was rather inexpensive for a Kobe beef set @ $28 per set. I had always thought that Kobe beef was very expensive. I found out that the way the fat is distributed in the meat and how evenly it was distributed determined the quality of the meat. It ranges from 1 to 12, where 12 is the melt-in-your-mouth kind.

The beef I had was more tender than the normal cuts but it did not melt in my mouth. There were also no bits that were difficult to chew. It probably ranked on the low end than on the high end of the scale.

The only other seafood I tried was the prawns which were really good and oh yes, I loved their roasted grains Japanese tea as well.

We came here for a birthday celebration so it was something out of the ordinary. The draw to this place is really the theatrics and this place makes for an entertaining dinner.

I chi ban Teppan-yaki, LG floor, 355 Sussex Street (corner Liverpool Street), Sydney Chinatown 2000. Tel: (02) 9283 4628.

Kobe beef teppanyaki

Kobe beef, ready to eat!

One of the theatrical chefs

At the end of our meal!


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