Down Under: As good as it gets…

This place reviewed very well when it was just opened. My friends had a craving for local food and so we decided to come here. We reached before it opened at 5.30pm. We wandered around a bit and went back again to find that a queue was starting. We were second in the queue. The lady ended up buying takeaway so we were actually the first to dine in.

We ordered Indian rojak, mee goreng, ice kachang, chendol and roti bom. The mee goreng was very good and it had been fried sufficiently in the wok resulting in a nice wok fragrance. In this regard, it was even better than what we could get back home. The Indian rojak came in a close second. I had not eaten chilli in a while and did not think that I would miss it until then. Savouring the chilli in the mee and rojak, I realised I missed Malaysian food!

The gula melaka in the chendol was authentic but the chendol itself was not. The ice-kachang too could have been better. The roti bom turned out well. Roti here is usually savoury and very popular, eaten with curry.

The food here is as good as it gets and in some cases even better. For anyone craving for local food while in Australia, this is certainly the place to go to.

Mamak, Chinatown, 15 Goulburn Street, Haymarket, Sydney. Tel: (02) 9211 1668.

Indian rojak

Mee Goreng

Roti Bom


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