Down, Down Under: From countryside to city life

Today we move from life in a small town to a city, Sydney. Already, my nose is feeling better as I move from the pollen and scents of summer in the country to the familiar fumes, sights and sounds of pollution in the city.

Being back in a city has been a welcomed relief from my perpetual running nose and itchy eyes.

This shot was taken at Melbourne airport. I usually get a hot chocolate while waiting for my flight. There are usually good seats here. While in Launceston before, I ordered a berry smoothie and lamington. The lamington was dry and I’ve tasted better smoothies elsewhere before. The hot chocolate and bagel with cream cheese at the Hudsons’ at Melbourne Airport were much better. Different Hudsons’ outlets are probably franchised and this may explain the difference in quality.

Anyway, on to Sydney. Coming?

Hudsons’, Airport Drive, Level 1 Qantas Departures, Melbourne Airport VIC 3045.

Hudsons’ Coffee and cream cheese on bagel overlooking the place where planes are parked. This is the domestic terminal and there are always seats at this eatery.


Berry smoothie


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