Down, Down Under: Choc-a-bloc-full!

This place is famous for its Belgian chocolates. Using their own recipes, one can watch how the chocolates are made and sample them. We had lunch here — a cheese platter, smoked salmon roll and chocolate drinks. Prior to that, we bought all the Made in Tasmania chocolates that we needed for family and friends as souvenirs.

The platter was lovely and the chocolate drinks came in two sizes — mug and cup. The cup had two handles and the chocolate can be drunk by holding the cup with two hands, if one wants to — the way it is done in the past. The claim that they make the world’s best hot chocolate is subjective of course, but it does have its merits. Tasmanian produce is noticeably different from the rest of Australia and the same can be said for its chocolates.

House of Anvers, 9025 Bass Highway, Latrobe, TAS 7307. Tel: (03) 6426 2958.


Cheese platter

Hot chocolate in a mug

Hot chocolate (in a cup). Notice the two handles.

Salmon roll


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