Down, Down Under: A Decent Meal

The reviews about this place have not been that great. Some say this is just a pub and for pub food, the quality is acceptable. But we have found this place rather good. What it lacks in decor on the inside, the view of the river and greenery outside makes up for it. Apart from seeing the ship leave which only takes about 5 minutes, and enjoying cocktails, one would not really stay on past dessert — not when the setting summer sun beckons you to take a nice stroll along the water.

There were more of us for dinner that day and we ordered Dukkah chicken, chicken schnitzel with pepper sauce, roast pork, Eli sampler consisting of spring roll, chicken schnitzel and calamari rings and garlic bread. Drinks consisted of lemon lime bitter.

The Dukkah chicken did not disappoint. The roast pork too was good. The garlic bread had too much garlic butter on it, I thought. I would have preferred less butter and perhaps bread that was a little more toasted. There were no complaints over the chicken schnitzel and fish and chips. For the sampler, the calamari rings were the favourite. The next time, perhaps we could have the calamari rings as a meal on its own instead.

The Eli, 15 Victoria Parade, Devonport, TAS 7310. Tel: (03) 6424 6555. The Eli is actually a bistro next to the Elimatta Hotel.

Garlic bread

Roast of the Day (roast pork) and baked vegetables

Fish and chips

Dukkah Chicken with salad

Eli sampler (for main meals). It consisted of samplers of calamari rings, chicken schnitzel, stuffed mushrooms and spring rolls

Chicken schnitzel with pepper sauce


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