Down, Down Under: Indulge

I was already happy with the coffee I had yesterday but out of curiousity, I decided to google for the best coffee in Devonport and my search resulted in Inn-dulgence Cafe. They serve normal meals and Tasmanian Gourmet coffee. We ordered a lunch of Caesar salad with chicken, ham and cucumber toasted sandwich and an avocado, asparagus and mushroom with bacon toasted wrap with honey mustard sauce. The asparagus was canned and I have not eaten canned asparagus in a long time until now. That was the only vegetable that was not served fresh. All three dishes tasted good. I was especially satisfied with my wrap and my friend was satisfied with her Caesar salad which was a hearty portion.

The coffee — what I had actually come for — was comparable to those served at Stonies. In a way it tasted even better as I only put in half a packet of sugar and the coffee tasted just nice. I had put in a whole packet of sugar at the other place before and the coffee was just a tad too sweet as a result. But that was my own doing though. To end my time here, I had to order a lemon, lime, bitter — something I would only order in Australia because of the way they make it — which is the only way I would have it!

Inn-Dulgence Cafe, Shop 3/7 Best St., Devonport, TAS 7310. Tel: (03) 6423 5848.

Flat white coffee

Caesar Salad

Ham, chicken and cucumber toasted sandwich

Bacon, avocado, asparagus and mushroom wrap (toasted)

Lemon, lime and bitter drink


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