Down, Down Under: Where the ship leaves

We were told that this would be a quiet place where we could eat and watch the ship leave. We found a table near the windows where we could do just that. Unfortunately, we were there on a Friday and not just any Friday but a year-end-celebrate-Christmas-together-with-colleagues kind of Friday. The place was crowded and the queue was long — so long that we missed seeing the Spirit of Tasmania leave the dock!

After an incredibly long queue of at least 25 people, we ordered coconut and lime stir-fry noodles, battered mushrooms filled with cheeses and a supreme pizza. For dessert, we ordered a sampler of four desserts.

For Asians to order egg noodles, stir-fried in a ‘western’ way, was a mistake because we viewed the way it was cooked or not cooked, through how we were used to eating it. If it did not taste similar to what we were used to, we would tend to consider it odd. In this case, the noodles were slightly sour. To prove my theory, I asked my friends if they would have been as critical of the noodle if it had been spaghetti cooked in the same way, and not egg noodles. Well, spaghetti would have tasted different from egg noodles but we would not have been as critical of it because we are less familiar with how spaghetti is supposed to taste when cooked in different ways, compared to egg noodles. Anyway, consider our tastebuds biased where egg noodles are concerned.

I usually would not order a supreme pizza in Singapore because I do not like too much processed meat in my pizzas. However, in this case, the salami tasted great. I’m not sure if it’s the weather or the freshness of the food or the fact that I am on holiday and therefore am less stressed and uptight about life, but Tasmanian food really tastes good! Our favourite was the battered mushrooms with cheese on the inside.

For dessert, we had a sampler of Sticky date pudding, cheesecake of the day, white chocolate pannacotta and very lemon tart. Of the four, we liked the sticky date pudding the most. I must warn you that it is very sweet but then what are desserts for, if not to complete a meal, sweetly?

Even though the place was very crowded and we had to wait a long time, the staff were good enough to ask us if we were ready for dessert before they served it. Considering that this is a place where one has to queue to place an order for both food and drinks, the service was fine on an extremely busy evening.

The Eli, 15 Victoria Parade, Devonport, TAS 7310. Tel: (03) 6424 6555. The Eli is actually a bistro next to the Elimatta Hotel.

Supreme pizza

Stuffed mushroom

Stir-fried coconut and lime egg noodles with chicken

Christmas year-end party crowd

Dessert sampler consisting of bits of a few desserts


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