Down, Down Under series

Sitting here, looking at the photographs on the wall, I took in the moment and breathed deeply. I was on holiday and enjoying a moment of quiet before going off again. Even when on holiday, one can be rushing from place to place, minus the stress of work perhaps. It was good to just sit and appreciate the warmth on my skin, the different scents of the flowers in summer even though it was starting to cause my nose to run, the different hues in the sky and even the shadows as the sun moved across the sky. Australia is beautiful indeed.

Starting today, I will be featuring the food that I’ve been having in Tasmania, mainly because I am on holiday. Most of the food featured is from Devonport and the surrounding area. This series will be called the Down Down Under series. Australia is already known as Down Under. Well, Tasmania is at the bottom, ‘under’ the main island, hence ‘Down, DOWN Under’. Thank you for following me here. Two, Four, Six, Eight. (Bog in, don’t wait!)

Mural resembling a postcard in Tasmania

Photos of yesteryear and landscape photos of Tasmania which were for sale at Inn-dulgence


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