Super undelicious!

I never thought that I would ever write about food that is not worth my time, effort and money. But here I am, doing that now.
I’ve been to this eatery before but do not really have any recollections of the food. Perhaps that itself is already very telling! I came here again as the prices were reasonable and I was not that hungry either. One of my favourite soups is pumpkin soup so I ordered just the soup. A friend ordered a set meal with seafood chowder, spaghetti and Coke.
I was disappointed with the pumpkin soup as the only pumpkin taste was from the few actual pumpkin pieces in the soup. The only other taste was from the salt! The same was true of the seafood chowder. If I had been blindfolded and asked to tell what soups they were, I would have failed the test! That was how tasteless they were. The spaghetti with bolognese barely passed the taste test as well but at least they still tasted like spaghetti bolognese. The only item that was authentic was the Coke!
This place has survived for only two reasons that I can see — proximity to the departure area, inexpensive food and sufficient places to sit and wait for flights to depart. If not for these other reasons, this eatery would not have survived this long.

Souperlicious, Changi Airport Terminal 2, 60 Airport Boulevard, Departure Check-in Hall, #048-049, Changi. Tel: 6214 9981.


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