The green bar

This was a restaurant I walked into one evening as I was curious about their salads. They had already closed by the time I walked in, but I did not know it. It was after all 8.30pm on a weekday evening and the place was already quiet.

However, the waiters said that if I wanted only a salad, they could do that for me, but not hot food. They switched the menu light back on again. I only wanted a salad, having chanced upon their strawberry, prunes and blue cheese salad with a light soy vinaigrette earlier. They ushered me to a seat and I waited.

Not long later, the salad was served. I was half expecting a salad the size of what they served in the United States in places like Panera Bread. Obviously, I was not in the US. Whatever gave me that idea? I came back to my senses and ate the salad, savouring every mouthful. The dressing was a light soy vinaigrette which did not overpower the taste of the other ingredients in the salad. The chicken was done nicely and the almond flakes was a nice touch to the salad. A pleasant meal indeed.

Such salad bars are coming up in Singapore as more and more people are becoming health conscious. The place is quite busy at lunch. For the price of $12.90 for a bowl of salad, I felt that they could have given a a more generous serving of greens.

The Green Bar, #01-92 Millenia Walk. Tel: 9883 0973.



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