‘High’ local food

I brought a tourist friend who was visiting, to Gardens by the Bay. For lunch, we had local food, of course. There were a few of us and we ordered laksa, beef fried kuay teow and prawn noodles. All the food passed the locals’ tasting test though the fried kuay teow did not have the ‘frying wok’ aroma that we have come to expect of local kuay teow. It was also a little salty and the serving seemed a little small for the price I paid for it. But all of it was hungrily consumed. My friend devoured the entire bowl of laksa which was large, cockles and all!

The big surprise was the ice kachang, comprising of jelly bits, red beans, sweet corn, bits of chendol, attap chee and sometimes even peanuts. A mound of ice shavings would then be piled on top of the mixture and colourful syrups as well as evaporated milk added onto it. What we were served was a feast for the eyes but it was not as tasty as what we could have got locally elsewhere. However, what it lacked in taste, it made up in height. I suspect this was to match the super trees that are in the area. There was a dollop of ice-cream right at the top and it took four of us to finish it.

All in all, it was a pleasant experience. Service was good and the place was air-conditioned, a welcome reprieve from the heat outside.

Hill Street Coffee Shop at Supertree Dining, Gardens by the Bay, 18 Marina Gardens Drive.



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