Burgers, anyone?

Well, with all the reviews on Japanese food previously, I thought it would be good to feature something else. After all, I don’t just eat Japanese food.

Another place that I really like is Cedele. I’ve heard that the food used to taste better before which is probably true of most restaurants until they become famous and popular. Nevertheless, I still like their food as it is simply good, healthy and delicious. 

This outlet recently opened in Serangoon Gardens. I ordered a beef burger while a friend ordered the sea bass in mustard sauce. I thought the portions used to be heartier before, if my memory serves me correctly. The portions we had seemed a tad small. Either that or they serve heartier portions at the Cedele outlet at Great World City. I noticed that the dining experience at Great World and Novena Square seemed more pleasant than the ones at Parkway Parade and now at Serangoon Gardens. At first I thought it was because the one at Great World is a sit-down dining restaurant whereas at Parkway and Serangoon Gardens, you order over the counter and they bring the food to the customers. However, one also orders over the counter at Novena Square, and I did not find it unpleasant to eat there. If I were to rank the outlets in terms of most pleasant experience, out of the four outlets, it would have to be Great World, Novena Square, Serangoon Gardens, followed by Parkway Parade. I have not been to the rest so I cannot comment on them. The food is great in all the outlets. I’m just talking about the dining experience and I cannot pinpoint exactly why they are so different at the different outlets.

Anyway, back to the food. Both meals tasted good. There were no complaints though I wished the portions were larger. I ordered their basic long black coffee and I didn’t like that at all. For dessert, although it’s an unlikely one, I tried their apricot and almond plait bread roll. They do nice breads. They also serve nice cupcakes as well.

I’ve also included two pictures of their salads from their Great World outlet before which I really enjoyed then.

Cedele, Serangoon Gardens, 4 Maju Avenue, Tel: 6281 4283. There are many Cedele outlets all over Singapore.

IMG_0385 IMG_0380


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