A Spoonful of Sugar or several?

Occasionally, I would wander into town for dessert and there is one particular place I like to go to — Fruit Paradise at Plaza Singapura. The dessert here is light, the price does not burn a hole in my pocket and they also serve tea. My usual order is a cake, I like the crunchy crust, and peppermint tea. Coffee is also available but I do not like their coffee. The food here does not leave me feeling overly full or bloated when I am done.

So, to slow down on the weekend, or to have a chat with friends, this is a place to consider. This outlet is a restaurant and not just a cafe as it serves main course meals as well, and one can also order from the neighbouring restaurants. There are special sets available as well. There are four restaurants under the Tokyo Walker group hence food that is ordered at one place can be brought to another. Among the pictures here, the Tom Yum ramen is from Ajisen while the okonomiyaki with soba in it is from the restaurant just next to Tokyo Fruit Paradise. I forgot what the name is but you can see the person preparing the meals through the glass window.

The tom yum ramen was fine but there are better ramen places around albeit for a slight difference in price. I asked for the soup to be less spicy and the dory fish on top made the food look very tempting. The cake I ordered was light and not too sweet. A friend ordered the pumpkin cake which was new on the menu but the chocolate in the cake overpowered the pumpkin taste. Pumpkin tends to be on the savoury side whereas chocolate tends to be sweetened so there has to be a fine balance if one is not to overpower the other, which was not the case here. Chocolate is a favourite among many customers and I can only guess they did that combination so that the cake would sell. I may be wrong but it’s my guess. Why would anyone put pumpkin with chocolate otherwise? But in this stranger world that I have now found myself living in — I’m now seeing stripes matched with dots on clothes, but that’s another story — perhaps such combinations are becoming the norm. I’m not belittling the combinations, just commenting that things have changed a lot from the norms that used to be acceptable when I was growing up.

The okonomiyaki with soba was actually quite nice and hearty, but a little salty. It’s almost impossible to find food that is not salty, especially Japanese food, so this is the norm. I did enjoy it though.

Now you have one more option for a sugar fix.

Fruit Paradise, Ajisen Ramen, Tokyo Walker group of restaurants, Plaza Singapura, 68 Orchard Road, #04-01. Tel: 6333 928

P.S. I discovered that the links to the pictures have disappeared so I reloaded some of the pictures. But the earlier pictures of the Tom Yum ramen could not be found and hence they no longer appear on this post. My apologies.

Okonomiyaki with soba

Chocolate and pumpkin cake. The chocolate overpowered the pumpkin.

Mango cake. Yum!

Cuppa tea


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