Soul food!

I was really wanting to eat rice for dinner and settled into this restaurant. Glancing through the menu, I noticed it serves mainly ramen. I ordered the sesame rice on the menu and asked them if they could prepare a corn salad for me, chargeable of course! The waitress checked with the kitchen and agreed. I expected a small bowl of salad. I was surprised by what I was served. I will definitely come back here for lunch or dinner again. The rice was simply delicious as they had mixed in the sesame seeds and oil into the rice itself, garnished with shallots. However, it did not taste oily.

The level of service here reminded me of the good service that I am more used to receiving in Japan. It was also late on a Sunday evening and they were not busy.

This place serves authentic ramen, hence, the review would not be complete if I did not try their ramen as well. So with a complimentary return voucher for a flavoured egg, I returned on another day to try their ramen. They were really busy on a Saturday night and my order got mixed up with someone else. I ordered the ‘light’ version for taste. I was not disappointed. The soup was good, the meat was just the right texture; not dry and hard like some other ramen places. With a generous helping of pickled bean sprouts and a dash of bonito flakes, I was satisfied with my ramen.

Soul food, indeed!

Keisuke Tokyo Ramen Dining, Millenia Walk #03-02, 9 Raffles Boulevard. Tel: 6337 7919.

(The restaurant is on the 3rd floor within Parco itself, where the other restaurants within Parco are situated.)





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